Robert Shapiro, a member of O.J. Simpson’s legal “dream team,” opened up about the infamous murder trial in a sit-down with Megyn Kelly Tuesday night.

Robert Shapiro Tired On Simpson Trial Glove

One of the most cited moments during Simpson’s murder trial following the deaths of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman is when Simpson tried on the leather glove. The courtroom stunt was the brainchild of none other than Shapiro, who had a good feeling that the glove would not fit the former football star.

“I tried the glove on. It was a little bit wide in my palm and a little bit long in my fingers,” Shapiro told Kelly during her Megyn Kelly Presents special on Fox. “O.J. Simpson has enormous hands, and I knew that the glove would not fit him. No question about it. Wouldn’t even be close.”

Shapiro also knew that if the jury saw that the glove didn’t fit, it would cast the needed doubt in their minds needed for an acquittal for the defense. With that in mind, he didn’t consider the strangeness of the act of slipping on the glove of a killer, whomever it happened to be.

“That is a very compelling question that I’ve never even thought about, and we’d looked at that glove, every expert had looked at that glove,” Shapiro said. “It did have stains on it, did have certain cuts on it. I didn’t consider it, but, it’s kind of an eerie thought when you say that.”

More than 20 years removed from the Simpson trial, Shapiro is still confident that the verdict that was reached was legally correct – whether or not Simpson actually did kill Brown and Goldman.

“If you look at it from a moral point of view, a lot of people would say he absolutely did it. I deal in legal justice … and that’s proof beyond a reasonable doubt,” Shapiro told Kelly. “And there’s no question in my mind that any fair juror who saw that case from the beginning to the end would conclude there was reasonable doubt.”

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