Robert Franzese has become an overnight celebrity for his Family Guy cosplay after a video of him appearing as the ‘Real Life Peter Griffin’ at New York Comic Con went viral.

Real Life Peter Griffin

Franzese, a New Yorker and Family Guy lover, has become a hit among cosplayers, known for his uncanny impression of the Family Guy patriarch, Peter Griffin. Dressed in green pants, a white button down shirt and round glasses, Franzese attended New York Comic Con as Peter Griffin in 2014, and invited cameras along.

The documentary, from BOOM! Big Pants, hit the net on Tuesday, Jan. 6, and quickly went viral, even grabbing the attention from Family Guy creator and star Seth MacFarlane, who re-tweeted a link to the video.

“I slapped together stuff that I had. …and was like, great, Peter Griffin. Just one stupid joke, where I go to the ATM, and I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, I won!’ And from then on, it’s just caught like wildfire,” Franzese says in the video.

Franzese was quite the celebrity at Comic-Con, with his pitch-perfect impersonation of Peter Griffin getting rave reviews from attendees, many of whom requested photos with the cosplay celebrity.

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