Celebrities have been tweeting their Halloween well-wishes, as well as some of their favorite costumes.


Robert Downey Jr. and Zac Efron were among those who tweeted “#HappyHalloween” to their followers on Oct. 31. “Really makes my eyes pop. #HappyHalloween,” Downey wrote alongside a creepy photo of himself in white and blue skeleton face paint. “On Michael Myers patrol,” Efron said with a photo of himself and Jamie Lee Curtis, who famous starred in 1978’s Halloween.

Megan Mullally posted of photo of behalf of herself and her husband Nick Offerman of their two dogs dressed up as mummies. “Nick and my annual #Halloween blowout @Nick_Offerman,” she quipped on the social media site.

Haley Williams, the lead singer of Paramore, posted a hilarious side-by-side image of the pumpkins she carved this year and last year. Both featured simple smiley faces, but one was much larger than the other.

Cara Delevingne posted a frightening image to her Instagram page, of her with a giant tarantula covering one of her eyes. “Happy Halloween everybody,” was her casual caption.

Happy Halloween everybody

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Miley Cyrus, on the other hand, decided to tweet out images of fans who dressed as her for the holiday. “Sooooo many Miley’s out there! Keep em comin! I’ll keep on postin!” she wrote to fans.

Lady GagaGwen Stefani, and Kerry Washington followed suit, posting images that had been sent to them by fans.

Vanessa Hudgens tweeted out a photo of herself in a skeleton onesie and asked fans to send their best costumes her way.

A few companies got in on the fun as well. Victoria’s Secret quipped, “When you’re an Angel for 364 days of the year,” with a photo of their models dressed in scary costumes. The Simpsons joined in with a photo of Homer eating his own fingers, and the caption reads, “Ahh Halloween, the one day where you can treat yourself and you can eat yourself.” Marvel also got in on the action with a brief but hilarious clip with Thor: Ragnarok actors Chris HemsworthMark Ruffalo, and Cate Blanchett.

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