Robert Downey Jr. and Anthony Mackie joined Captain America: Civil War leading man Chris Evans on the red carpet for the premiere of the sequel at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles Thursday.

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Premiere

Evans, who reprises his part of the titular superhero in Captain America: Civil War, had company on the red carpet as the cameras flashed away. Mackie, who plays Sam Wilson/Falcon in the Marvel Universe films, and Tony Stark/Iron Man actor Downey posed for the pictures alongside him. All three men looked dapper in their suits, with Mackie being the only one to opt out of sporting sunglasses.

While taking on the part of Captain America – which includes involvement in the Avengers films as well – has taken Evans’ career to another level, the actor almost opted out of the opportunity. According to Evans, he was wary of signing on to such a massive commitment, and was fearful of whether or not he could do it.

“I was scared because at first it was a nine-picture contract, and there are parts of me that have a little bit of social anxiety with this industry,” Evans told Jimmy Kimmel. “Doing movies one at a time, if all of a sudden you decide you don’t want to do them anymore, you’re afforded the opportunity to take a step back and recalibrate. When you have a giant contract, if all of a sudden you’re not responding well, too bad, you gotta suit up again. That was scary.”

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6.

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