Robbie Maddison, the motorbike stunt rider and X Games gold medalist, figures prominently in Dana Brown’s motorcycle documentary On Any Sunday.

Robbie Maddison ‘On Any Sunday’

Brown wanted to provide another chapter to his father’s 1971 On Any Sunday, chronicling motorcycle riding from stuntmen like Maddison to those who use the bikes for humanitarian purposes.

“Robbie being the 21st century Evil Knievel came up. I didn’t know Robbie at the time, and I got to know him,” Brown explained to uInterview. “I was kind of fascinated by what a good family man he is, how serious he is about what he does and the fact that what he does still seems kind of slightly insane. That was a neat mix.”

Maddison has had a passion for motorcycles since he was four, when he got his first bike. While he’s competed in races and learned an assortment of tricks as an FMX pro, Maddison has the biggest hunger for jumping. “The passion I really have is jumping and the freedom in the air,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to fly and the closest I can get to it was jumping my motorcycle as far as I can.

Over the course of his storied career, Maddison, 33, has accomplished a number of impressive feats. He’s jumped the fountains at Caesar’s Palace and the Arc de Triomphe in Las Vegas. He’s also jumped London’s Tower Bridge and the Corinth Canal in Greece.

“I’m always searching for ideas. I’m a very open person just kind of filtering through everything I see in life and always trying to apply a motorcycle to it,” Maddison told uInterview. “To drive around this city here in New York, seeing all these big buildings is always an overwhelming experience when I start visualizing my motorcycle there.”

“With Skull Candy and Red Bull Media House, we were able to create the opportunity to jump down the Olympic ski jump, the K120 in Park City, Utah,” Maddison said of the jump captured for On Any Sunday. “I was able to jump the length of a football field while dropping 20 stories all in one jump.”

On Any Sunday hit select theaters earlier this month.

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