RJ Mitte, the young actor best known for playing Walter “Flynn” White Jr. on AMC hit Breaking Bad, has partnered with Shriners Hospitals for Children for the Cut the Bull campaign.

RJ Mitte Talks Bullying

Mitte, who has cerebral palsy, was treated at Shriners Hospitals from ages three to 10. Now, having gained an incredible amount of success in the entertainment industry, Mitte is hoping to give back through the Cut the Bull campaign, which encourages others to take a stand against the bullying epidemic.

The purpose of Cut the Bull is “to help bring awareness and prevent bullying for people with disabilities and to have an impact on people,” Mitte explained to uInterview, adding, “You can’t stop bullying. You can’t end it. But you can cut it out and you can help prevent it. Bullying will be around forever, this will be an existing problem till the day we die; it's human nature. But what you can do is you can set the example and show people that you are taking a stand, that you are going to prevent it and that you are going to stand for what you believe in and what you think is right.”

Growing up, Mitte traveled around a lot, leading to a lot of new schools where he had to contend with fellow students bullying him about the effects of his cerebral palsy. “I’ve dealt with kids making fun of my braces and how I speak, how I walk. I had my hand broken,” Mitte told uInterview exclusively. “I was pushed I was shoved, but I never allowed that to bother me because I saw who was doing it to me, and I saw who they were, and what they were gonna do. And, I looked them and I saw they were doing nothing. That was the most exciting part of their day, that was the most intelligent conversation they probably had — was making fun of me.”

If Mitte had the chance to speak face-to-face with a bully now, the 22-year-old actor would warn them about karma. He’d also let them know that cutting someone else down will impede their own growth as a person. “Karma is a big thing and a lot of people don’t believe in it, but I do believe in karma. What you put into this world it’ll come back tenfold,” said Mitte. “When you see a bully, when you see someone taking advantage of someone and instilling the belief system of fear into them, that’s not humane — that’s a monster. That’s someone that will never grow, will never flourish.”

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