Rita Moreno recycled the dress she wore to accept her Oscar for West Side Story in 1962.


The 86-year-old actress attended the 90th Academy Awards wearing the exact same dress she had worn 56 years earlier when she won Best Actress. “I had no idea I was going to win, I was sure it was going to be Judy Garland for Judgment at Nuremberg. I flew in from Manila in the Philippines just in case, which is where this gown was made,” she told E! host Ryan Seacrest, who joked, “I would think it would tarnish.”

The skirt puffed outward and featured gold designs with red and blue. The only difference was the bodice, which Moreno changed to end at her bosom instead of her neck as it did in 1962. She teased the outfit on her Twitter account when she was announced as an Oscar presenter: “Wait till you see what I’m wearing!!!” she wrote.

Vanity Fair‘s Rebecca Keegan first pointed out the unique situation in her report from the Oscars rehearsals where Moreno’s daughter Fernanda Luisa Fisher shared her mother’s plans. Moreno later confirmed, saying “Yes, It’s true! See you all on the #RedCarpet soon!”

Moreno, who currently stars on Netflix’s One Day at a Time, is one of only 12 people to win all of the big four awards – Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. She has two primetime Emmys for appearances on The Muppet Show and The Rockford Files, a Grammy for best recording for children for The Electric Company, the Oscar for West Side Story and a Tony for best featured actress in The Ritz.

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