Rihanna, who makes it well known she likes to smoke pot, had one of her tour buses stopped on Tuesday when a border officer smelled the herb emanating from the vehicle.

Rihanna’s fleet of busses was heading into Michigan from Windsor, Ontario. When one of the border patrol officers smelled marijuana coming from one of the busses, drug-sniffing dogs were led onto each and every one of them, according to TMZ. They only turned up pot on one individual who was carrying a small amount of the drug. The unnamed man in possession was only issued a civil penalty and the fleet was able to continue on to Detroit.

Who wasn’t to be found on any of the busses? Rihanna.

Fiona Apple wasn’t so lucky last September. At the border stop in Sierra Blanca, Tex., the singer-songwriter was arrested for hashish possession. Willie Nelson, Snoop Dog and Armie Hammer have all been arrested at that border stop for drug possession as well.

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