Ridley Scott is in talks to direct the new Merlin Saga from Disney.


Based on the T.A. Barron series of 12 books, the film would follow the origin story of the mythical wizard who became the mentor of classic literary character King Arthur. Merlin Saga is one of two films that Disney is currently developing based on the Merlin character. In addition, the studio is producing a live-action Sword in the Stone movie, on which Scott also met with executives.

While most productions focus on King Arthur’s role, just one high-profile story looked closely at Merlin – NBC’s miniseries Merlin, starring Sam Neill.

At 80-years-old, Scott is coming off of the busiest year of his career. He directed the latest Alien movie, Covenant, last May, and recently released the J. Paul Getty story All the Money in the World. The latter originally starred Kevin Spacey before the multiple accounts of sexual harassment came out against him. Scott quickly decided to reshoot all scenes involving Spacey, and replaced him with Christopher Plummer in a matter of weeks – in time for release on Christmas Day.

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