#RichKids of Beverly Hills, E!’s newest reality television series premiere featured… rich kids in Beverly Hills: Dorothy and Morgan organize a blood drive and Roxy might be in danger of being cut off from her parents.

#RichKids of Beverly Hills special 2-night premiere began on Sunday and ended Monday night. Both hours were filled with shopping, drama and ridiculous statements, such as Dorothy declaring, “I was born and raised in Beverly Hills, California, the best city in the world, and my occupation is being funemployed and fabuluxe."

Meet The Cast Of '#RichKids of Beverly Hills

The first episode, “#welcometoBH” introduced us to the cast of obsessive Instagramers – the entire show is punctuated by Instagram photos and graphics. The show is centered around Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart, both Beverly Hills born and raised and rich since birth. The girls have been friends for over five years and met in spin class. Eating good food and depriving themselves of food, shopping, throwing private parties in penthouse suites and did I mention shopping?


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Dorothy is unemployed, as is Morgan, though Morgan has ambitions of being a popular blogger – she currently has a blog called 'Boobs and Loubs'. Morgan, the daughter of an architect, is in a serious relationship with Brendan Fitzpatrick, a real estate agent who makes millions selling mega mansions. He also grew up “spoiled” and sold his first house at 18. Rounding out the #RichKids cast are Roxy Sowlaty, a self-declared “Persian princess,” who freelances as an interior designer and Jonny Drubel, a singer-songwriter who is one of Dorothy’s other best friends. Magic Johnson’s son E.J. Johnson will also pop up throughout the first season.

Dorothy And Jonny Fight Over Blood Drive

In the premiere episode, the team of twenty-somethings come together to organize a blood drive, spearheaded by Dorothy and Morgan. Unfortunately, Dorothy’s charitable event ends up causing more harm than good among her friends when Jonny finds out that the blood bank won’t accept his blood because he’s gay. Jonny and Roxy immediately start arguing about whether or not the blood drive charity event is homophobic. Later, Dorothy goes to see Jonny in the studio to talk about it calmly and end up in a yelling match, with Jonny calling Dorothy a “homophobic b—h.”

Dorothy meets up with E.J., who grew up in Beverly Hills but has relocated to New York to go to school. E.J. takes Dorothy’s side, calling Jonny out for personally attacking Dorothy. On the day of the blood drive, it looks like Jonny agrees. He shows up unannounced to support Dorothy and apologize.

In the second episode, “#mansionhunting,” Dorothy decides she wants to throw a pool party to celebrate their hard work on the blood drive.

Brendan and Morgan take Dorothy out house hunting when she decides she wants to try to make it on her own outside of her parents’ house. The trio look at mansions, making sure the selfie lighting is good and that the closets are big enough, but Dorothy isn’t sure about taking responsibility for a house to keep up. Eventually she decides to move out of her parents’ house and into a $3 million luxury apartment, which features a concierge and room service (essentially a hotel suite in apartment form).

Roxy Gets Cut Off

Roxy goes to her aunt Marjan after she had a talk with her parents and they told her they were going to cut her off and not get her a new car. Roxy insists it’s “not fair,” but her aunt doesn’t seem to sympathetic and tells her to try to do a little less shopping. Although, her parents are not really cutting her off completely. Roxy will still live at home and her parents will pay for food, plus she’ll get a little extra spending money. Morgan laughs off a bit of her problems, putting her financial state into perspective, saying that most people who get cut off are really sent out on their own. That said, Roxy is right, no more new cars for her.

At the pool party, Roxy tells Morgan about her new financial situation, to which Morgan replies, “So you’re my poor friend?” The girls laugh it off and Morgan assures Roxy that she will be there for her as a friend, no matter what. Even if she can’t go on an expensive trip with the group, Morgan says she doesn’t care.

Extra nugget from the episode: Morgan, Dorothy and their friend Jay call out Keeping Up With The KardashiansScott Disick, calling him a “Grouper” who hangs around rich people and grabs everything they can.

#Richkids of Beverly Hills airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on E!

The first two episodes are available online (see below).

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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