Richard Pryor Jr. is threatening to sue his stepmother Jennifer Lee Pryor to stop the Lee Daniels-directed biopic about his father, Richard Pryor, which is currently in development.

Nick Cannon To Play Richard Pryor

According to reports, Pryor’s children, specifically Richard Pryor Jr. and Rain Pryor, have been vocal opponents to Jennifer’s involvement in the film, objecting to the idea of Nick Cannon being cast to play their father. Pryor Jr. eventually changed his mind after speaking with Cannon, and publicly approved of Cannon potentially playing his father onscreen.

Furthermore, they reportedly suspect their stepmother, who will act as executive producer of the film, of twisting the truth to make her look good in the film.

Richard Pryor Jr. Threatens To Sue To Stop Production

Now, accoding to TMZ, Pryor Jr. is attempting to stop the proposed film from being made and sent a cease and desist letter to Jennifer, demanding the production be stopped immediately.

According to reports, Pryor Jr. claims that Jennifer used “illegal, fraudulent” tactics to get the rights to the film. According to Pryor Jr.’s lawyer, Pryor Jr. puts forth that Jennifer persuaded Pryor to sign the rights to his name and story when he was in poor health and not aware enough to make that legal decision.

Other reports, however, claim that the letter sent to Jennifer is a simple request by Pryor Jr. to be allowed to play a part in the production of the film.

“Our request is simple. Mr. Pryor desires an opportunity to come to the table and be heard. He does not seek to obviate your rights. He wishes only for his input to be included in certain aspects of the biopic production,” reads the letter, according to a report by Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, actor Mike Epps will portray Pryor in the upcoming Nina Simone biopic, Nina, starring Zoe Saldana.


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