Dubbed the real-life Iron Man, Richard Browning showed off his “Powered Jet Flight Suit” at The Excel during London Tech Week.


Browning, who founded tech start-up Gravity, showed the first flight of his hover suit at the conference. He also previously gave a Ted Talk about how he built his jet suit. “You can see the stability and control is really quite nice,” he said at the time. “The human mind and body, if properly augmented in that way, can achieve some pretty cool stuff.”

When asked if this new mode of transport, called Daedalus, would become the norm, Browning said no. “At most an extreme sport. Like dirt bikes – for example the X-fighters that do all the crazy stunts and fly through the air holding onto the handlebars. Not many very people commute on dirt bikes!”

The inventor sees his creation as a way of wowing people, or perhaps like an amusement park ride. “I don’t think anybody’s gonna be going down to Walmart or taking the kids to school in any of this stuff for a while, but the team at Gravity are building some awesome technology that’s gonna make this look like child’s play. We’re working on some things that are gonna seek to bring this pretty unusual experience of flight to a wide audience.”