British billionaire and adrenaline junkie Richard Branson revealed plans for his newest attempt at world records on Tuesday: a new single-person submarine to be used to explore new depths of the ocean. The nearly 18-foot long blue and white craft resembles an airplane, with wings and a cockpit big enough for one person. Branson plans to use the submarine to explore The Pacific Ocean's Mariana Trench, The Atlantic's Puerto Rico Trench and South Sandwich Trench, The Indian Ocean's Diamantina Trench and the Molloy Deep in the Arctic Ocean. Fellow explorer Chris Welsh will make the first descent into the Mariana Trench later this year, and Branson is then scheduled to follow and explore the Puerto Rico Trench himself. He also plans to profit off the endeavor by creating a larger submarine, available to tourists and groups for trips at a sizable fee.

The Virgin Atlantic founder is hopeful that he and his crew will set 30 Guinness World Records with their expeditions. "If someone says something is impossible, we like to prove it's possible," Branson said in a release. "I love learning and I'm just very fortunate to participate in these kinds of adventures." –EMILY EXTON

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