Rex Ryan, head coach of the New York Jets, has a new tattoo of his wife sporting a Sanchez jersey.

Ryan was in the Bahamas with his wife, Michelle Ryan, when the New York Daily News snapped the photograph of his inked right bicep.

It has been three years since Ryan took over the Jets's head coaching position, and brought Mark Sanchez into the fold. Within these last three years, Ryan decided it was a good idea to immortalize his wife and his quarterback in the same tat.

Not only is Ryan’s tattoo just plain creepy, it poses some questions about his expectations signing Sanchez, and his resistance to change up the lineup despite number 6’s disappointing performances. Did he think Sanchez was going to be the next Joe Namath – another Jets QB whose jersey could stand the test of decades? Maybe he did. Does the tattoo help to explain Rex’s resistance to replacing Sanchez? Maybe it does.

The kinky ink is not the first example of Rex Ryan fetishism. Back in 2010, videos were leaked of a man who sounds like Ryan taping a woman who looks like his wife while the two of them have an intimate back and forth about her feet.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the “seductive” kneeling pose of Ryan’s inked-on wife bears a striking resemblance to “Tebowing” (Tim Tebow's prayerful celebration pose) – a shout out to that other QB of his? Playing time for Tebow would probably suggest otherwise.

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