The cash reward for information leading to the arrest of a suspect in the shooting of a six-year-old boy has reached $450,000.

Aiden Leos was sitting in the back of his mother’s car in Southern California when a driver cut her off. She made a hand gesture toward them, and the driver pulled behind her. In what appears to be a road rage shooting, someone in the car behind the Leos family fired a gun, hitting Aiden in the stomach. This account of events was corroborated both by Leos’ mother and those who stopped to help after the shooting.

Aiden was pronounced dead at the hospital on May 21.

The reward for information started at $50,000, the amount which the Leos family offered out of their own pocket. That amount was then met by the Orange County supervisor Don Wagner for a total of $100,000. Another Orange County supervisor, Katrina Foley, added $50,000. Along with additional donations from private individuals and local businesses, the reward reached $400,000.

On June 1, the City Council of Costa Mesa unanimously voted to add another $50,000, bringing the total to $450,000.

In a recent statement, Mayor John Stephens explained the community’s generosity in their donations. “The senseless tragedy of Aiden Leos’ death has been felt by the entire community,” he said. “We want to do what’s necessary to bring Aiden’s killer to justice, to take him or her off our streets, and to deter others from engaging in this type of dangerous conduct.”

Though there are currently no suspects in Aiden’s death, the California Highway Patrol has identified a vehicle of interest as a white 2018 or 2019 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen with non-tinted windows.

A GoFundMe to support Aiden’s mother and the rest of his family has reached over $300,000.

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