Revenge wrapped up its third season with a few deaths and one resurrection in the form of the infamous David Clarke.

In prison, Conrad (Henry Czerny) is being accused of Pascal’s murder and the judge receives a file with enough evidence against Conrad to re-open the David Clarke (James Tupper) case. It works, and David Clarke is cleared of all charges, while Conrad faces a lifetime of abuse behind bars.

Victoria Murders Aiden

In an effort to implicate Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) in the conspiracy that doomed her father, Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Aiden (Barry Sloane) agree that Aiden will approach Michelle (Amy Landecker), the psychologist who sent Amanda Clarke to juvie before she became Emily Thorne. Michelle is the only person who can connect Victoria to the crime, and Emily is hoping they can get her to turn on Victoria. Victoria anticipates their visit and poisons his tea, paralyzing him. She smothers him with a pillow, right there in the psychologist’s office, and then leaves his dead body in Emily’s home for her to find.

Emily is devastated, and nothing Nolan (Gabriel Mann) or Jack (Nick Wechsler) can say will cheer her up. She insists that she has lost her reason for living, and Nolan seems to be willing to do whatever it takes to help her kill Victoria for revenge. Jack, however, cautions Nolan against it. Killing Victoria would just make Emily a fugitive and ruin her life all over again. Jack and Nolan agree to try to keep Emily away from Revenge mode, but by the time they are ready to present a united front, Emily is gone.

It turns out Emily has gone to pay her sister, Charlotte (Christa B Allen), a visit. She gives her David Clarke’s ring and tells her that Jack found it and brought it to her. The only way someone could get their hands on the ring would be to dig up David’s grave. Charlotte doesn’t particularly care, but Emily tells her she is going to move David’s body just to be safe.

Meanwhile, after Charlotte finds out Jack gave David Clarke’s ring to Emily instead of her, her fury leads her to remember that Jack had something to do with her abduction and she decides that her revenge will be to turn him into the police.

Nolan And Gideon Plot Against Daniel

Over at MyClone, it’s Daniel (Joshua Bowman) and Margaux (Karine Vanasse) against Nolan and Gideon (Daniel Zovatto). Nolan wants control of his company and Gideon wants to stick it to Margaux and take over their father’s business, so the two work together to bring partners Daniel and Margaux down. Daniel and Gideon go out together, get drunk and end up picking up two girls. When Daniel wakes up with a dead girl in his bed, he doesn’t even notice. Gideon, of course, took pictures of the gruesome scene, shocking Nolan. Gideon paid the woman in cocaine, he says, and he insists that she overdosed all by herself. And now they have the leverage they need to blackmail Daniel into relinquishing MyClone.

Emily Has Victoria Committed

Later that night, knowing Victoria would come, Emily confronts her nemesis in front of David’s grave. Victoria admits to murdering Aiden, proudly noting, “You received my gift.” The two tango for a bit, before Emily reveals to Victoria that she isn’t digging up David’s grave, she’s digging up Amanda’s. Emily hits Victoria over the head with a shovel, knocking her out.

Victoria wakes up in a mental hospital, strapped to a bed. Emily convinced Michelle, the psychologist, to back up her story that Victoria went crazy and was so convinced that Emily was Amanda Clarke, she tried to dig up Amanda’s grave. The story is enough to have Victoria committed, at least, for now.

David Clarke Stabs Conrad Grayson

As one Grayson enters a kind of prison, another escapes. The guard that had been abusing Conrad helps him escape, and Conrad thinks that he has simply managed to buy off the guard. He is instructed to walk to a van that has been arranged to take him to safety, but when he gets there, a hooded figure exits the car and stabs Conrad. It’s David Clarke, alive and well! He leaves Conrad to die on the side of the road and goes to reunite with his daughter.

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