Revenge picked up in "Homecoming" right where they left off in the winter finale: Emily has disappeared after being shot on the night of her wedding, by her husband Daniel.

Aiden (Barry Sloane) and Jack (Nick Wechsler) rush to try to find Emily (Emily VanCamp) after discovering her wedding dress washed up on the shore. Aiden focuses on trying to track Emily using the garter tracker she was wearing, while Jack feels increasingly guilty about forcing Emily to move up her revenge time table, which could have led to bad planning and Emily’s current injury. Aiden sends Jack to update Nolan and continues to search for Emily on his own.

Aiden Rescues Emily

Emily, injured, but alive, tried to get to a buoy where she had stashed a box away in case of emergencies, but she is too weak to grab it and ends up being picked up by a fisherman’s boat. She’s bleeding out, and will likely die if not taken to a hospital. Aiden finds her, and, though she begs him to take her away from the Hamptons, takes her to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the Grayson family is suddenly suspect number one in the shooting, despite Conrad (Henry Czerny) using his power to get helicopters out in the water to look for his new daughter-in-law. Even Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) is suspicious of her family, quickly voicing her suspicion that her mother, Victoria (Madeleine Stowe), is the shooter. Victoria denies it, but has no witnesses to verify her whereabouts at the time of the shooting and asks for a lawyer before continuing with the investigation.

With Emily found, and supposedly safe in the Nolan-owned hospital, Jack tracks down Margaux (Karine Vanasse), the photographer at the wedding, to see if she knows anything that could help them. The police beat him to it, and Margaux handed over most of her photographs from the wedding, but kept a few files for herself.

Nolan (Gabriel Mann) tries to visit Emily in the hospital, but is blocked by Victoria and Patrick (Justin Hartley) who insist that he isn’t family. Being the tech genius that he is, Nolan leaves behind a cell phone and uses it to hack into the hospital server.

Emily Doesn't Remember

Daniel (Joshua Bowman), who has remained quiet about his wife, musters up the courage to go see Emily in her room. When he does, he is shocked: Emily, awake, doesn’t remember anything, not even her identity.

He leaves freaked and finally goes to his mother and admits he was the one who shot Emily. He tells her that he was drunk and emotional, and, of course, Victoria is happy to come to his rescue and starts scheming to frame Lydia (Amber Valletta) for Emily’s attempted murder. Victoria takes the plan to Conrad, who reluctantly agrees.

Nolan and Aiden see that Emily has amnesia when they hack into the hospital records, but Aiden thinks Emily is just pretending, hoping it will buy her time with the Graysons so they don’t kill her before she can escape. Either way, Nolan and Aiden agree they have to get her away from the Grayson family. They decide to sneak Emily out of the hospital and take her to a safe house. When Aiden goes to the hospital to put the plan in motion, Emily doesn’t recognize him and calls for help, forcing Aiden to sneak out.

Emily Reveals Her Identity

Emily’s next visitor, Charlotte, has more luck pulling Emily out of her amnesia. In a shocking twist, Charlotte told Emily that she admired her strength and asked where it came from, and Emily accidentally revealed that her father is (also) David Clarke!

Charlotte heads to Jack to ask him about it, and Jack tries to do some damage control, but Charlotte doesn’t seem to buy it. The two head back to the hospital together and stumble into Emily’s room just as a nurse is injecting a suspicious substance into Emily’s IV. The nurse stops when they get there. Her name is Niko (Stephanie Jacobsen), and she’s a friend of Aiden’s – perhaps, even more than a friend. She kisses Aiden after he warns her not to trust the Graysons.

Back in Emily’s hospital room, Jack talks to Emily and gives her Amanda’s necklace. He kisses her and tells her that he hopes Emily comes back to him. Just as he’s leaving, Emily’s memory comes rushing back and she blurts out the truth: Daniel shot her.

Revenge airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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