If you are someone who spent a large chunk of their childhood blowing dust out of NES game cartridges, and misses doing so, get ready to do it again: RetroUSB has recently released their AVS system, a modernized, nostalgia-driven machine that allows you to use your old games again for an affordable, high definition trip down memory lane.

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Sitting in between pricey machines that use a mix of old and new hardware, or code-based emulators, the RetroUSB AVS can hook up to a modern television with just an HDMI cable and UBS adapter for power. From this simplicity comes stunning graphics, with every pixel of those highly pixelated games of the past on display in dazzling color and clarity. A shorter, longer, more trapezoidal console than the original NES system, the AVS takes all the old cartridges and works with the original NES controllers, with up to four controller ports. Designed from the inside out to replicate the gaming experience of the 1980s, RetroUSB’s system offers the best of classic console design and performance, without sacrificing image quality. Games fit snugly in the cartridge slot, and US front-loading games can be inserted fully under the lid (Japanese cartridges are inserted vertically, leaving the lid somewhat ajar).


RetroUSB AVS for NES

Unlike some NES-on-a-chip solutions, all the games in your library will play on the AVS, and many will even have the same glitches present in the original hardware, according to a review on Engadget. Overall, the console is designed to play high quality games and not much else. Users looking to modify gaming experience to add save points or online scoring will have to connect the console to the computer and futz around with the device.

The RetroUSB AVS is a small price to pay for crystal-clear nostalgia. Time to dust off that old Super Mario cartridge in the garage.

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