Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia), a far-right Republican known for promoting conspiracy theories, has come to boyfriend Brian Glenn’s defense after an old video of him dressed in drag while anchoring for WFAA TV in Dallas resurfaced online and went viral.

“I’m literally lol’ing,” Greene wrote in a tweet resharing the video. “@brianglenntv dressed in drag for morning news in Dallas years ago reporting on an upcoming local theatre production and the morons over at Patriot Takes think this is an attack. Brian loves the throwback and is reposting.”

“The left is so stupid,” the 48-year-old congresswoman said of the reactions to the resurfaced video, which features Glenn wearing a blonde wig, a pink cardigan, gloves and a white purse. “I’m kicking the shoes off. I may keep the pantyhose on. It does feel kind of good, actually,” he said in the broadcast.

Glenn has also reshared the video, claiming that he “loved” dressing in drag for his morning show. “The things I did for morning show television!!” Glenn tweeted on Sunday. “LOVED it and so did the @wfaa @WFAADaybreak viewers. It’s a good thing I have a sense of humor!

Greene and her TV journalist boyfriend’s reactions to the video have sparked major backlash for the couple, with many calling them hypocrites.

“No one said it’s an attack honey. They’re just saying you’re a hypocrite 🤣🤣🤣,” a Twitter user wrote on Monday in response to Greene’s tweet. “Rigid conservative beliefs meet drag adventures. Truly, a masterclass in the art of hypocrisy,” another user wrote in the same thread.

The Republican lawmaker is famously anti-drag and had previously stated that it should be illegal for children to attend drag shows.

“This needs to be illegal,” Greene wrote in a tweet last June. “What’s the difference in children stuffing cash in a drag queen bra and a strippers bra? Nothing. It’s wrong and it’s indoctrination.”

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