Regina Hall couldn’t keep a straight face while she presented the Best Actor in a Drama Series award to Kevin Costner, who missed out on the Golden Globes ceremony due to the flooding in California.

“Kevin Costner, he so much wanted to…” she started reading from the teleprompter, before letting out a giggle. “I always like how they write this. It’s like, ‘he so much wanted to be –’ no, I’m sure he did.”


She showed little restraint as she laughed through the rest of her speech about the actor.

“But because of the – it’s been raining – the unprecedented weather and flooding,” she continued mockingly. “He has to shelter in place in Santa Barbara – Jesus!”

The audience erupted in laughter with her.

“No it’s a sad story right now,” she said with a smile, “He’s stuck in Santa Barbara, let’s pray everyone.”

Hall tried to compose herself as she continued, “No, no, no, this is true. Everyone, we do, we pray and we hope that everyone affected by these storms remains safe. And I’m gonna accept that award right there on your behalf, Kevin.”

This comes shortly after the Yellowstone star posted a video with a message to fans about he and his wife’s absence at the Golden Globes.

“Look, I’m so sorry for everyone who might have been tuning in to watch the Golden Globes – Chris and I aren’t going to be there,” Costner said, standing against a backdrop of a peaceful California beach, palm trees and expansive blue skies. “This is the second time in five years that the freeway was flooded out, we find ourselves on the wrong side of the town and we couldn’t get back last night.”

He added that his wife Christine Baumgartner had a “beautiful dress” planned for the event and that “nobody’s sadder than us” about their absence.

California residents have been facing heavy rain, landslides and flooding with thousands being evacuated and without power.

Hall was probably laughing at the irony of the “sad story” narrative on the teleprompter in contrast with the reality of the many posh and privileged Santa Barbara residents. Costner purchased his 10-acre coastal residence for over $28 million in 2006.

Her attitude got mixed reviews from viewers – some remarked that the actress should’ve been the night’s host given her comedic brilliance, while others thought she was “condescending.”

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