Reese Witherspoon was the first guest on Neil Patrick Harris’ new variety show Best Time Ever – and had to face one of her biggest fears.

Reese Witherspoon On ‘Best Time Ever’

Witherspoon, who is close personal friends with Harris and his family, apparently wasn’t aware of what he had in store for her. As the two were lifted 14-stories into the air, Witherspoon yelled, “Neil, I am going to bury you,” adding, “Is this a good time to tell you that I’m slightly afraid of heights?”

Before starting to climb the elevated contraption – at the top of which the two were to zip-line – Witherspoon admitted, “I’m not sure this is what I signed up for…. “Oh my God, Neil! I’m going to kill you, Neil.”

When both Harris and Witherspoon were back on solid ground, the How I Met Your Mother star conceded, “That was insane, that was way higher than I thought it would be.”

Witherspoon, after saying she needed a nap after the terrifying ordeal, called out Harris for failing to give her details on the “stunt” he had in store for them. “Neil, you did not tell me this is what we were doing! He said we’re doing a little stunt. He emailed me saying, ‘Hey, let’s do a little stunt.”

Harris responded, “Sorry!”


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