On this week's The Bachelor, Sean Lowe was falling fast for a lot of women, sending three of the less lucky home.

It was an action-packed hour with the female contestants playing a competitive match of beach volleyball. In addition to plenty of the customary cattiness, one woman also fell down the stairs. There were three dates with the charming bachelor in the episode – two one-on-one dates, and a group date that left someone behind.

The first one-on-one date went to Lesley M., the political consultant who snuck in a kiss with Sean before the elimination last week. Apparently, he wanted that quick smooch to last a little bit longer. At their date at the Guinness World Records, he challenged her to break the record for the longest on screen kiss with him. The pair had to kiss non-stop for three minutes and sixteen seconds with the cameras rolling and a crowd of onlookers. While they started off amid giggles and nervousness, they soon forgot about the surroundings. "Leslie is a great kisser," Sean said. "That was a very easy record to break for me!" At the end of the date, he gave Lesley a rose. "I'm falling in love with this guy," she said. "He's perfect."

For the group date, Sean took Kacie, Robyn, Leslie, Kristy, Catherine, Taryn, Desiree, Amanda, Lindsay, Daniella, Jackie and Tierra to the beach for some volleyball. There were some high-stakes for the game as the losing team returned to the house and the winning team got to spend more time with the eligible bachelor, and consequently get a shot at an early rose. While the volleyball match was an ugly display of the sport, the team of Desiree, Robyn, Amanda, Jackie, Kacie and Lindsay proved to be slightly better than their opponents. After both Desiree and Kacie trash talked their competition and Amanda prematurely tried to talk marriage with Sean, it was Lindsay who was awarded the rose.

AshLee got the final one-on-one date of the show. But, before Sean could whisk her away, Tierra fell down the stairs, stealing all of his attention. Since Tierra may have sustained a concussion, he was focused on getting her to the hospital to see a doctor. "I don't want to do this," the fallen bachelorette protested. "This is so stupid. This is not necessary." AshLee was less than impressed with Tierra's theatrics, "Tierra is the boy who cried wolf. She will go as far as she can, besides the hospital."

Once Sean refocused on AshLee, they took off to Six Flags Magic Mountain with two young girls named Brianna and Emily, who are best friends with chronic illnesses. Alone in the park, the foursome played games, went on rides and enjoyed a private concert with The Eli Young Band. Alone with Sean, AshLee revealed that she was abused by the family that adopted her when she was six, and discussed how she managed to find a family that treated her with love. Sean was touched by AshLee's ability to open up with him, and all of the strength she possesses. "She hasn't let any of that affect her negatively and it just mades me admire AshLee even more," he said before offering her a rose.

Before the rose ceremony, Sarah got a big surprise from Sean. Since she didn't get to go on a date with him this week, he arranged for her dog Leo to come pay her a visit. The first to go home without a rose this week was Kacie. "I admire you," Sean told her. "I have way too much respect for you to make you stand through another ceremony when I know in my heart that we're better off as friends." Taryn and Kristy also had to pack their bags this week.

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  • TessaBonneville
    TessaBonneville on

    After last night, I am really ready for Tierra to be off this show. Her drama is just too much. One of my DISH co-workers thinks she’s funny, but I’m hoping she gets sent home next week. Unfortunately for me I won’t be home to watch the next episode of The Bachelor live, but my DISH Hopper is all set up to record it for me. I never even have to set any DVR timers for it because every night, the PrimeTime Anytime feature automatically records all the primetime shows on the four big networks. It’s nice not having to worry about missing any of my favorite shows anymore.

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