The last episode of MTV’s hit show Teen Mom featured many moves: Amber moved out of Jenelle Evans’s house after one spat too many, Kailyn surrendered her dream of moving to Texas, Leah found a new roommate in her boyfriend Jeremy, and Chelsea relocated to a safer neighborhood where, hopefully, killer huskies don’t run rampant. Last night’s show proved that the girls lives are, once again, not without some major surprises.

After a phone call from her ex-boyfriend, Andrew, in which he asks to see Jace, Jenelle reveals to a friend that she doesn’t think Andrew is Jace’s biological father. A month before she found out she was pregnant, Jenelle slept with someone else. She didn’t tell anyone except her mother and Andrew because she didn’t want to be considered a slut. She discusses what to do next with her estranged mother, Barbara, who, due to Jenelle’s issues, still has full custody of Jace. The exchange is surprisingly calm and uneventful, a welcome change from the heated arguments seen in earlier seasons. Jenelle calls Andrew back later, and he agrees to a paternity test, even though he is also certain Jace is not his son.

Meanwhile, Leah Calvert and her boyfriend Jeremy, who weirdly resembles her ex-husband Corey, head to a romantic getaway in the woods, where he serves her breakfast in bed and proposes marriage. Leah doesn’t hesitate in saying “yes” and the two enjoy their breakfast. Leah asks Jeremy how soon he’d want kids with her (she already has twin girls with Corey). “Soon,” Jeremy says as Leah chews on her lip. Another bombshell is set to explode… Later, during a girls’ day out, Leah confesses to her friend Kayla that she stopped using birth control a few months ago and that she feels nauseous. Kayla is shocked and says Leah is moving way too fast. At home, Leah’s pregnancy test shows up positive. Is Jeremy ready for a child right now?

In this episode, Kailyn Lowry gets closer to Javi, a boy she met at her job, and takes her son Isaac for his first official haircut. Javi is fine with the fact that Kailyn has a baby, so much so that she goes ahead and introduces Isaac to her new friend. Their arcade date goes smoothly and Kailyn admits she doesn’t want to rush into a relationship just yet. Isaac is her best friend for now, a relationship Javi hopes to establish with them too.

Lastly, Chelsea Houska worries over the upcoming GED exams and on-again, off-again boyfriend Adam. This year is the first in three years that they haven’t spent his birthday together, and Chelsea bemoans the fact that he’s out celebrating while she’s studying at home. She ends up crying herself to sleep. The tests come and go, and though she thinks she did well, Chelsea’s still unsure about her grade in Math, the subject she failed the last time she took the GED. Hopefully, the second time’s a charm!

Jill Wronski

Check out a preview for next week’s episode, airing on Monday at 10 P.M. EST, where Jo and Kailyn discuss Jo’s girlfriend:

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