The tensions continue to mount in this third season of FX’s motorcycle gang drama, Son’s of Anarchy. The season’s ninth episode, “Andare Pescare,” marked the end of the road for another key character.

As per a prior agreement with Jax (Charlie Hunnam), Gemma (Katey Sagal) is supposed to be reigniting her relationship with Clay (Ron Perlman) in order to get dirt on the man suspected of trying to undermine Jax. However, Gemma is still seeing Nero (Jimmy Smits) and can’t seem to break the relationship off. She doesn’t want to go back to Clay because of how unhappy it will make her, but Tara (Maggie Siff) promises Gemma that if she does what Jax says she will be allowed back in the family.

With regard to Jax and Clay, both men are in search of Frankie Diamonds (Chuck Zito), who is hiding in a cabin under protection. Jax needs to get Frankie because he can possibly prove Jax’s suspicions of Clay, and Clay wants to kill Frankie so he doesn’t squeal.

Both Jax and Clay go in pursuit of Frankie and the situation turns into a dire mess. Frankie decides to shoot the guy who is looking after him when he learns that Jax is coming for him. When Jax and Clay arrive, they both think they have found their man, but when the leader who had been protecting Frankie sees one of his guys has been killed, he shoots Frankie.

This was intially a problem for Jax because he was supposed to bring Frankie alive to Roosevelt (Rockmund Dunbar) in exchange for Roosevelt’s inside track on who the mole in Jax’s gang is. However, by episode’s end, Jax is pretty sure the mole is Juice (Theo Rossi) based on how he has been helping Clay this entire time.

With the the cast down one more member in a season that has been killing off people with regularity, the fates of nearly every character seem up in the air, in particular Juice and Clay. Only three episodes remain in this tense third season, and so the clock is ticking. Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesdays on FX at 10 p.m. est.

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