Pee-wee Herman remembers the Alamo. He ought to, anyway. The celebrity man-child, a character invented and perpetuated by comedian Paul Reubens, 59, moseyed on over to Texas on his red Schwinn bicycle to help judge the latest challenge put before the remaining five chefs on Bravo's Top Chef.

In the beginning of the episode, Ed, Grayson, Lindsay, Paul, and Sarah didn't seem particularly intimidated at the prospect of making pancakes for the as-yet-undisclosed guest judge. They were told only that there was a $5000 prize for the winning stack, and that the syrupy breakfast treat was the mysterious celeb's favorite dish. Then Pee-wee arrived, riding his bike and spouting one-liners, to sample each dish. Ed ended up winning the prize, even though Pee-wee diplomatically told each chef, in turn, that his or her culinary creation was "the best pancake I've ever had."

But breakfast was just the beginning. Behind the scenes with judges Tom Colicchio, 49, and Padma Lakshmi, 41, Pee-wee wasn't quite so forgiving. After sampling the chicken dishes that were served as part of the elimination challenge later, the celeb guest remarked, "I am very very excited to sit in judgment of all of these people. Guilty!"

At least one contestant wasn't deemed 'guilty,' however. Lindsay won the challenge with her stuffed zucchini dish, partly because of the presentation. Pee-wee remarked that the zucchini vessels for the beef-and-gorgonzola stuffing "look like little boats," which pleased him. On the other hand, Grayson did not impress with her concoction of butternut squash and tomato, and she was sent packing. Four to go.

You can catch Top Chef Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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