The tectonic plates of Jersey Shore are shifting. MTV announced plans earlier this month to begin filming for Season 6 in summer, and already there is speculation that this season may be the last. No wonder some of the gang are preparing for the aftershock. Snooki’s got her baby and a spin-off with Jwoww to worry about, and Pauly D’s getting to work on his, ahem, professional career as a DJ.

Dedicated to showing the world that he’s more than just a set of muscles and a tan, the man with the polished pompadour, Pauly D, premiered his new show, The Pauly D Project, Thursday night on MTV. The show follows Pauly D as he tries to make a name for himself as a DJ. Along for the ride is his crew. There’s Big Jerry the bodyguard with an emphasis on body, Ryan the tattooed wingman, and mentor/chaperone DJ Biggie.

The premier opens in Pauly’s home state, Rhode Island, where he “literally” lives with his dad — and his mother five minutes away. He’s a small town guy, so when the Palms offers him a trial DJ run that could lead to a residency, it’s the chance of a lifetime for Pauly. He packs up his hair gel and his posse and heads to Vegas.

Aside from the minor hiccups — a malfunctioning speaker system at the club, a shirtless Jerry scaring a girl out of the hot tub — the gig in Vegas goes smoothly and, lacking any real excess, is kind of boring. But, hey, it’s only the first episode. Pauly, of course, gets the residency (as if the show would continue to exist if he didn’t), and the gang goes to celebrate “where it all began.”

Here’s hoping the show picks up a little more steam, and sleaze, along the way.


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