Season 4 of Showtime's Nurse Jackie, starring Edie Falco as a pill-popping nurse, debuted Sunday night, showing the beginning of Jackie's stint in rehab, which will presumably be 28 days of "hell," as the rehab staffer calls it. Entitled "Kettle-Kettle-Black-Black," the shocking episode followed up with a flashback 24 hours earlier to explain what events caused Jackie to hit rock bottom.

It turns out that, with her relationship and work life in all sorts of shambles, Jackie met up with a fellow addict played by Green Day frontman Billy Joe Armstrong. After meeting at church (where else?), Jackie and Billy head to her house to get high, where he unfortunately and tragically overdoses.

After covering up the death with the aid of her friends in high places, Jackie asks Dr. O'Hara to get her a bed at a rehab clinic.

Watch a clip from the next episode here:

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