MTV's Awkward, starring Ashley Rickards (pictured) and Brett Davern, returned for the premiere of its second season Thursday night. The episode saw Jenna and Jake staying strong, despite Matty's efforts to win Jenna back.

Picking up after last season's discovery that Jenna's mom had written the heartless mystery letter, Jenna was still stewing in her own resentment to the woman who gave birth to her. Her mother, sensing Jenna's feelings, eventually figured out what Jenna knew, but not until the last moment of the season.

Luckily, for Jenna, she had her euphoric love for Jake to comfort her, which was great and all, until Matty approached her at his New Year Eve’s party and told her he wanted to get back together. That sent Jenna reeling into another tailspin of conflicted feelings — and Matty's deadline of 12 p.m. didn't make things any easier.

The ultimatum did not work in Matty's favor. At midnight, Emma chose to make out with Jake, prompting Matty to start kissing Sadie. Unfortunately for Sadie, her night to remember turned severely awkward when Matty, three sheets to the wind, passed out nearly on top of her.

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