Kourtney and Kim Take New York returned to E! Sunday night, but a more appropriate title for the reality show season premiere would have been Kim and Kris Take on Marriage.

It was supposed to be Kourtney and Kim Kardashian's night as the reality show sisters returned to the airwaves, but Kim and Kris Humphries hijacked the show as viewers were given a glimpse into the couple's spectacularly disastrous 72-day marriage. “You're my wife now. It's going to take a lot to get rid of me,” Humphries tells Kim early in the show. It seems Humphries was intent on testing his theory as we watch a recap of the painful interactions between the newlyweds.

The show begins with news of the demise of the the couple's relationship, then skips back to eight weeks prior to show all the warning signs — and boy were there warning signs! The ink on the marriage certificate was barely dry before we began to see problems. The couple — who had never lived together before — land in New York and decide to share an apartment with sister Kourtney, her boyfriend Scott Disick and their son, Mason.

Kim is a “compulsive neat freak” according to Kourtney, and Humphries, it turns out, is a bit of a slob. “When I see a messy room, it literally ruins my day,” Kim stresses.The contradictory cleaning habits lead to conflicts, especially when Humphries begins to intentionally leave clothes on the floor to annoy Kim.

In addition to his wife, Humphries also has trouble interacting with Kourtney and Mason. Humphries isn't too keen on Kourtney's new holistic lifestyle and after he walks in on her naked yoga session in the living room he declares, “I can't live with Kourtney anymore.” Although Humphries earlier said he was excited to be Mason's uncle, he later finds that he doesn't have much patience when it comes to the toddler — who has a playroom ten feet from his bedroom door and tends to wake him up earlier than he would prefer.

Perhaps the most significant tensions between the couple come from Humphries' disinterest in Kim's professional life and his worries over his own career. He has no interest in Kim's welcome to New York party and leaves her to handle all the press at the event. “Everything in New York is screwing me up. I don't feel like I'm in my training element,” Humphries said.

By the end of the episode, Humphries tells Kim he is going back to Minnesota. Despite his earlier promise, it seems it didn't take much to get rid of him after all.

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    Just goes to show you that you can't marry someone after only 6 months of knowing them.

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