An extended championship football game pushed back its start to 11 p.m., but American Idol fans willing to wait were promised an Idol audition episode "unlike any other" — which, as those up past their bedtimes found out, included Jim Carrey's daughter singing on top of an aircraft carrier!

The auditions for American Idol season 11, held in San Diego, took place on the deck of the the USS Midway. The change of venue meant contestants, judges and viewers were treated to an assortment of open-air interruptions including planes, boats and a cannon. Judge Steven Tyler seemed to be enjoying the setting, taking the opportunity to dress up like an old fashioned pilot, but fellow judges Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson were less enamored of the locale. "What are we doing here?" Lopez asked.

Distractions aside, the auditions carried on, kicking off with a bikini-clad singer whose lack of clothing coincided with a lack of singing ability. A few more talented singers later took the stage as well, including one Jane Carrey.

Yes, Jane, 24 — mom, waitress, musician and daughter of funny man Jim — took the stage in an attempt to sing her way to Hollywood. She could sing well enough, but it was clear that Jane would need a truly horrendous audition to fail at getting through.

Lopez remembered Jane as a two-year-old on the set of In Living Color, an early '90s sketch comedy show which Lopez worked on with Carrey. "Do you remember me? Lopez asked. "I was one of the Fly Girls."

Jane admitted she was a bit too young to remember Lopez. Jackson told Jane to "Tell father we say 'What's up?'" before she was handed her golden ticket. Jane rushed out to call her father to tell him the news. "This is going to be an exciting year," her dad said on the phone.

Other hopefuls with less famous family members who made the cut include:

  • Ali Shields, who previously impressed former Idol judge Ellen DeGeneres with a YouTube video, which earned her a visit to DeGeneres' show as well as a trip to the "American Music Awards" as a special correspondent
  • Jason "Wolf" Hamlin, a big, hairy mechanic with a soft heart, soulful voice and a way with the "git-fiddle" (a guitar, hand-made by his late father)
  • Kyle Crews, a frat boy and self professed ladies man who prompted Jackson to comment, "You sound nothing like you look" after Crews' take on "Angel of Mine;"
  • Aubree Dieckmeyer, although she seemed to forget where she was at times, referring to it as an audition for "America's Next Top Model," she revealed a voice which the judges deemed worthy of a trip to Hollywood.

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