The Hurt Locker star Jeremy Renner hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend, showing off his impressive musical talents during the opening monologue and his humorous bent in several Avengers-themed skits. "You may know that I play a little piano," Renner said. "I've actually written theme songs for every movie that I've done… but they've never used any of them. Do you guys want to hear a few of them?" Renner asked before bursting into song. Renner belted out a mock theme song to The Bourne Legacy, which was in fact a ripoff of Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody" — though the actor claimed never to have heard the song before. “I’ve been running around / Trying to take down the CIA / They wont leave me alone/ I’m not from Treadstone / Need to get away / I’m gonna shoot somebody."

Renner went on to appear in an Avengers spoof, wherein he reprised his Hawkeye role. In it, Renner runs out of the 11 arrows he brings to destroy thousands of aliens, and decides to let the team handle the rest. "I'm out of arrows," Hawkeye said. "I don't have anymore. I guess I'm done right? I'll be in the car. Stay safe." Jason Sudeikis as a quippy Iron Man calls him out on it, and drives the point home when he refers to him as 'Hunger Games.' In the special Thanksgiving edition of The Californians sketch, Renner guest stars as Stewart's (Fred Armisen) lawyer, who informs him he has a child, and threatens to burst into laughter as Armisen gives in entirely.

The Renner-hosted episode also featured guest band Maroon 5, which performed "Daylight" and "One More Night," and whose frontman Adam Levine made a quick cameo in the Standoff skit. Other memorable moments included New Jersey Governor Chris Christie going head to head with Seth Meyers on the Weekend Update, during which he revealed his light-hearted side and joked about the fleece he was wearing during Hurricane Sandy. "[This fleece] is practically fused to my body at this point," Christie said. "I'm going to die in this fleece. But that's okay… it's a good fleece."

If you missed this week's Saturday Night Live, catch some of the best clips below:

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