The highly anticipated, controversy-stirring "First Time" episode of Glee aired Tuesday on Fox, featuring two separate pairs of characters — Rachel and Finn (Lea Michele and Corey Monteith) and Blaine and Kurt (Darren Criss and Chris Colfer) — having sex for the first time. To be clear, this was not exactly the first time for Finn (he lost it to Santana in an earlier episode), but it was still a big moment for his one true love Rachel.

How did this come about? It all starts with Artie (Kevin McHale), who is student-directing the school musical, West Side Story, in which Blaine and Rachel play the lead romantic duo. After a pitch-perfect, but not quite steamy enough duet, Artie tells Blaine and Rachel that they should look to their personal lives for a little inspiration.

So it's about becoming a better … actor? Well, yes. But could you imagine anything else that would motivate the spotlight-driven Rachel? Blaine, meanwhile, gets spurred along by neo-Warbler Sebastian (Grant Gustin), who likes undressing Blaine with his eyes — obviously something Kurt is not happy about.

While Rachel and Finn seek counsel from their respective pals (Santana on sex with Finn: "It was like being smothered by a sweaty sack of potatoes that someone covered in body spray"), which includes Finn asking Puck for condom recommendations, Kurt and Blaine secure a pair of fake ID's and meet Sebastian at Scandals, the only gay bar anywhere near Lima, Ohio.

Left momentarily to watch his beloved boy toy and Sebastian jig on the dance floor, Kurt runs into none other than his former archnemesis Dave Karofsky, whose closeted self-hatred propelled him to bully Kurt in season two. Still on the DL but growing to accept it ("I like it here; they call me a bear cub"), Karofsky and Kurt share a touching exchange of mutual tolerance that ends with a galvanized Kurt shimmying to reclaim Blaine's attention. Kurt gets more than he asks for when Blaine, drunk off one beer, tries to have sex with Kurt in the back of the car and, after being angrily rebuffed, walks home alone.

Opening night of WSS provides the Glee kids' rendition of "America" (nice job, guys!) and some time for things to cool down … or heat up, depending on how you look at it. Rachel meets Finn at his house and, in a catch-all remedy for Finn's disappointment about having a dead-end football career and her own impatient longing, they snuggle up in front of a flickery fireplace. End scene. Blaine and Kurt, alone together and determined to go for it, face each other on the bed as the camera pans away. Pretty tame, huh?

And that's what you missed on Glee.

Watch a video of Kurt, Sebastian and the Warblers peform "Uptown Girl" from Tuesday's episode here:

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