It was not a good night for Chris on the latest installment of ABC's ultimate guilty pleasure, Bachelor Pad 3, which airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST. The latest episode opened with Chris pouting about how Kalon lied to him by not voting off Blakeley last week. With Chris once again already making an ass out of himself, it seemed that this week would most certainly be his last — but not so fast.

This week’s competition was “The Great Fall of China.” Contestants had to travel back and forth from tables carrying dishes, adding one dish for each of their seven trips, with the winner being the first contestant to make all seven trips without dropping one. Blakeley, a veteran Hooters waitress, won after Sarah was disqualified for touching her dishes before the finish line. In another blow to Chris, Blakeley’s new partner, Tony, won for the guys.

Later, Kalon and Lindzi went on an upscale date. Kalon gave Lindzi a diamond bracelet and earrings before the two had dinner on an old bridge underneath an extravagant chandelier. Their night concluded with Kalon wondering aloud if he might actually be in love with Lindzi.

Tony’s date with Blakeley was less lavish. The two took a Jeep (instead of the Bentley Kalon drives) to a campsite where they shared a tiny trailer. The morning after the date, Chris suffered another setback when Tony gave his rose to Jacyln instead of Sarah.

On rose ceremony night, host Chris Harrison decided to shake things up. First he prodded Ed about his relationship with Jacyln, to which Ed claimed he didn’t feel they were in a relationship, even though he and Jaclyn have done everything that people who are in a relationship typically do. This sent Jacyln into tears.

Harrison then announced a change in the night’s elimination practice. This time, only a woman would be voted off, and in turn she would pick a guy to take with her. Mike tried to frame Chris by giving Erica the impression that Chris wanted her sent home. But Mike’s plan backfired when Chris told Erica that he was voting off Lindzi, not her. And while Erica couldn’t save herself from being voted off, she took Mike with her. At least something went right for Chris.

Despite an early exit for Mike, who won last year’s Bachelor Pad 2, don’t expect the schemer to fade into obscurity. In an August 14 blog post for Parade, Mike, who is also a musician, announced that his upcoming concert is generating considerable buzz. —Hal Sundt

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