Season 4 of AMC's acclaimed meth lab drama, Breaking Bad, ended Sunday with the release of tension that had been building for the past five episodes, with Walter White (Emmy winner Bryan Cranston) fumbling through a master plan to get the upper hand from Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito). In case you have the show DVR'd and haven't watched it yet, this is a spoiler: White succeeded. Gus is dead. Next season will start off, presumably, with White finally at the top of the game.

The episode began with White, sensing that Gus was suspicious of him, backtracking on his earlier plan to blow up Gus's car by hurriedly removing the bomb from its undercarriage. In a season full of hardships, episode 13 did not seem to show things looking up for White.

The victories for him in this finale, though, were not the kind one celebrates, given that three lives were sacrificed and will weigh on White's conscience for some time — or maybe not. White recruited Tio to help him bring down Gus, and the scene of the bombing was both suspenseful and kind of sad, not to mention cleverly done. (The last thing Gus did was straighten his tie.)

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