Monday night's episode of The Bachelorette saw Emily Maynard pack up the boys and travel to Bermuda, where she spends a romantic night on the beach with racecar driver beau Arie, and has a heart-to-heart with Chris, who threw her for a loop last week when he revealed that he's a whole year younger than she.

Doug, the single dad who got the first impression rose back at the beginning, got to spend some quality time with Emily on a one-on-one date. The guys — especially Arie — rib him a little too hard for being nervous, until Doug gets visibly upset and almost takes his frustration out on someone's face. Emily was rather taken with her date, especially when he revealed that he started a charity to teach his son the importance of one person changing the world. "I am, like, more and more impressed with you every day," Emily told Doug.

But there's one problem — if Emily is too convinced of Doug's "perfection," she'll equate him too closely with previous Bachelor Brad Womack, who broke her heart, and whom she thought was, well, perfect. "I don't want the perfect answer," Emily complains of her fabulous suitor. "I want the honest answer." So Doug turns the tables on her, asking Emily to list her worst traits, which amount to things like not going to the gym every time she should and wearing her pajamas in public on occasion. "Maybe, just maybe, Doug is just that perfect of a person," Emily concludes, after examining that she's really not all that bad, either.

At the end of the date, Doug gets a rose, freeing her up to make out with Arie on the beach and have her tete-a-tete with Chris. "I'm ready to be a husband, I'm ready to be a father … I'm ready for both of those things, and it upsets me when someone says that [I'm not]," Chris told Emily. He, too, was offered a rose.

The guys who didn't make the cut — Charlie, Michael and Nate — were all sent home at the end of the episode.

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