In accordance with Bachelor tradition, Season 16 is getting increasingly risque as the contenders for Ben Flajnik's affections slowly dwindle down to the one lucky lady who will earn his televised proposal.

Last week, Courtney Robertson, the model / frontrunner that everyone loves to hate, broke the rules and bared all in the process, pulling Flajnik aside for an unscheduled skinny dip in Puerto Rico. This week's tropical spot, Panama, also saw some skin, as the ladies stripped down to their bikinis for some near-naked fun.

The women participated in a group date with Flajnik on Monday's episode, requiring them to wear traditional free-flowing beaded tops over their regular bikinis. "I'm bare-chesting it," Courtney told her disapproving counterparts after removing her bikini top, letting just the beaded shawl hang over her ta-tas.

"We're getting dressed up and these girls are just, like — they are all so prude. Why be modest? We're one with nature, it's raining, let's go bikini-less," she said. Though she did have one complaint. "These beads are cold," she proclaimed, after revealing that she had also removed her bikini bottoms underneath her wrap. "When in Panama!" she reasoned.

The other shock of the evening came when Casey Shteamer, 26, revealed that she still had feelings for her ex-boyfriend back home. "I broke up with him because he wasn't going to compromise and then we got back together. Maybe I should be in therapy," she said.

A shocked and disappointed Flajnik had no choice but to send her home. "I wish you would have been more honest with me earlier on," he told her. "There were women who I sent home who genuinely wanted to be here. I don't sugarcoat things, and I think you should go home." Ouch.

Watch Courtney take it off here:

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    Awww too bad for Casey. Well, not really, Ben isn't such a catch.

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