Adam Levine hosted Saturday Night Live last night as he continues to make the transition from successful musician to credible actor.

Levine is following in the footsteps of fellow musical group front man Justin Timberlake, trying to carve out a second career in front of the cameras. After a stint on Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story: Asylum, the Maroon 5 crooner jumped on SNL’s comedic stage and bared his tatted-up chest in his opening monologue. In this opening bit, the show did a parody of Levine's music competition show The Voice. Not only did SNL alum Andy Samberg return to offer advice from the judges chair; he was joined by Cameron Diaz and Jerry Seinfeld. Diaz hilariously parroted Christina Aguilera's mannerisms and headwear, while Seinfeld deadpanned as himself. When Diaz and Samberg called for the shedding of his shirt for the sake of comedy, Levine gladly complied.

SNL's weak opener last night showcased Jay Pharoah's Obama impersonation as he was paid a visit by Kenan Thompson's Martin Luther King Jr. Tying in predictable inauguration day jokes, MLK Jr. was less interested in the debt ceiling than Michelle Obama's bangs and "that girl Beyonce." Another miss of the night was the Rosetta Stone commercial that targeted people "learning Thai for [their] sex-crime vacation to Thailand."

Levine probably did his best work when channeling Catfish host Nev Schulman. The sketch focused on the Nev-ego that dominates the show, while working in a truly entertaining avatar of Brian Williams's head on a Abercrombie model body. Starring in most of the sketches, Levine also played a gay man who was convinced every man he saw was also gay, and received sexual advances from a very masculine Janet.

One of the best parts of the show was a fake promo for a new series called "The Soprano Diaries" where Levine regrettably only has one line. Bobby Moynihan as high school Tony Soprano shouted at his guidance counselor, "Do you understand the pressure that I'm under? I've got a science project that's two weeks late, I'm five chapters behind in A Tale of Two Cities and I don't have a freaking date to the dance." Kate McKinnon reprised her pitch-perfect imitation of Edie Falco as Carmela Soprano in the faux-ad.

Last night's SNL was high-tempo, up-beat and overall one of the better shows as of late. Was that due to Levine's presence? Not necessarily, but the aspiring thespian held his own among the improv veterans. There's no doubt that if he's successful in his acting endeavor, he'll be back on SNL’s stage making fun of himself with all due humility – and everybody will love him and his inked abs all the more for it.

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