Actress Rebel Wilson is heading to trial over a defamation lawsuit she filed against Bauer Media.

Wilson launched the lawsuit last year. The comic actor famous for titles like Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect says that articles in Woman’s Day, The Australian Women’s Weekly, NW and OK Magazine made her out to be a serial liar.

WIlson said the articles made her feel “humiliated and embarrassed” and “gravely injured in her feelings, credit and reputation.”

She says the stories accused her of lying about her age and background, using a fake name and creating stories to make it in Hollywood.

Her lawyer, Renee Enbom, told the Melbourne Supreme Court on Friday that Wilson will give evidence that after the articles were printed her contracts were terminated.

“Her contracts were terminated,” the attorney said. “She was told she was too divisive… it’s destroyed [her] reputation as a fair and honest person.”

The trial will begin on May 22 and several of Wilson’s private financial affairs, including tax returns, will be presented as evidence to support her claims.


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