Rebel Wilson is sharing some hilarious stories from her high school days in anticipation of her upcoming Netflix film Senior Year.

The Australian actress revealed that she first worked in a movie theater when she moved to Hollywood but said she frequently got in trouble since “I would just sit in the cinemas instead of working. I got busted all the time,” Wilson told Jimmy Kimmel. She also remembered still working at the movie theater when her first film role came out. “I was holding out the trash bag as people were exiting, and they were like, ‘Weren’t you in that movie?'” Wilson said with a smile.

She then moved on to talking about her days in high school, which she described as a “very posh,” all-girls Chrisitan school. She remembered being such a strong student and even graduating from a top law school in Australia, then joked, “My mom cried when I said ‘I’m now gonna become an actress.'”

Even as an overachieving boarder at her high school, Wilson remembered being “a little bit cheeky too.” Since there was a boy’s school next door, Wilson was often the one who “masterminded the escapes,” and managed to sneak out several times.

She then admitted that she even once locked a “mean teacher” in a cupboard for four hours. Wilson clearly still didn’t regret it and said it was “good revenge.” The way she and her classmates tricked the teacher into that was just by saying, “‘Oh, there’s something in the cupboard, miss.’ And then we pushed her in and locked her.” So if you fell for that, it’s a little bit your fault too.”

The actress was even proud to say “no one ratted me out” because no teacher saw who pushed her in, so she got off scot-free.

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