Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson has been ordered to repay the majority of her record defamation payout from Bauer Media by the Australian court.

Earlier this year, Wilson received $4.7 million in both damages and interest from the magazine publisher over articles that she believed portrayed her as a serial liar. However, the company filed an appeal for the initial order, which caused the court to reduce the sum to  $600,000.

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In the original case, the Supreme Court of Victoria awarded her $650,000 in general damages and $3.9 million for potential film roles she has lost out on. Wilson was also paid $180,000 interest.

On Wednesday, Wilson was ordered to pay back to company $4.1 million, as well as $60,000 in interest. She will also have to cover 80% of what Bauer’s expenses for the appeal. However, the later appeal from the publishers showed that they had no affect on her ability to receive future roles.

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“Bauer enjoyed substantial success on the appeal,” the new judgement read. “It should not be ordered to pay costs despite its success. It is entitled to costs, at least, on the issues upon which it succeeded.”

At the time, the actress vowed that all the money she was given would be donated to charity.

This case was seen as Australia’s largest for a defamation case, however has changed since its significant reduction. The size of the original payout stirred a discussion in Australia over whether it could stifle journalism in the public interest.

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