Rebecca Hall, Joel Edgerton and Jason Bateman hung out together at the after party for the premiere of their new movie The Gift in Los Angeles Thursday night.

‘The Gift’ Premiere After Party

Hall, Edgerton and Bateman all seemed to be enjoying each other’s company at the L.A. fete. They were joined at the premiere earlier in the night by Kiernan Shipka, Mark Duplass, David Denman, Tyrese Gibson, Jason Blum, Katie Aselton and Camille Grammer. 

Former The Office star Denman captioned a red carpet snap, “#GiftMovie @giftmovie Red Carpet Premiere Tonight! Go see it! I’m so proud to be part of this film and so lucky to have my lovely wife with me.”


David Denman and his wife at ‘The Gift’ premiere. Credit: Instagram

In The Gift, Bateman and Hall play a married couple whose lives get shaken up when Bateman’s character Simon finds his old high school acquaintance Gordo pushing his way back into his life. Impressively, not only does Edgerton star in The Gift, he wrote the screenplay and made his directorial debut with the film.

“I had this idea that if you had some skeletons in your closet that were related to your high school life, what if, 25 years later, you got a tap on the shoulder, and some half-familiar person said, ‘Hey, do you remember me? We went to school together.’ And for that to have a sinister charge to it,” Edgerton told Wellington Daily News, explaining his inspiration. “It got me very excited.”


Credit: STX Entertainment

“Initially I wasn’t going to direct the movie. But as I started writing this screenplay, knowing that my sights were also set on one day getting in the director’s chair, I knew it was a good first-step film for me to direct,” Edgerton explained. “Then I had a sort of to-and-fro battle with myself about whether I would get someone else to take over the role of Gordo. [But] knowing that it was already there a little bit in my DNA, and having such a clear idea of how he should be played, it was hard to let go of.”

The Gift hits theaters Aug. 7.

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