Braunwyn Windham-Burke and Sean Burke are being confronted with a lawsuit over their Orange County rental home.

The former Real Housewives of Orange County star and her estranged husband are being sued for $45,000 after allegedly failing to pay rent to their former Newport Beach landlord.

A civil suit was filed in Orange County on July 12. The same day, Braunwyn and Sean also announced through Instagram Live that they decided to temporarily separate.

Karen Ogden, the owner of the Newport Beach house, said Windham-Burkes had been living in the property since approximately January 2020, agreeing to pay $15,000 thousand a month in rent. According to the court documents, Ogden gave Braunwyn and Sean an eviction notice on June 16, 2021.

“The information provided in the filed civil case is untrue and proper legal action is being taken to rectify the situation,” said a representative for the Windham Burkes.


The rental home is a five-bedroom, seven-bathroom property of nearly 8,000 square feet and had been listed for sale at $6,795,000.

According to the listing, the home continues to be on the market.

During their livestream on Instagram, Braunwyn and Sean said that they were moving out of the house.

“We are packing up this house, the one we filmed in last year, and we are moving,” said Braunwyn. “We have decided jointly that we are going to take a few months apart.”

Braunwyn announced she was leaving RHOC last month. She said she was planning to move to Hawaii, while Sean will remain in Newport Beach; Fernanda Rocha, who Braunwyn is dating, helped him find a new place to rent.

“He is moving into a furnished rental for a few months and I am taking the kids to Hawaii for a while,” she explained.

“We’re going to see what that’s like, living apart for a little while,” Sean said.

Braunwyn came out as a lesbian in December; the couple said they had no plans to divorce and would remain together in an open marriage. Braunwyn and Sean have been married for over 20 years.

The couple explained that they are now “putting their children first.”

“What we are doing right now is really healthy for them. I am taking my kids for six or seven weeks and when they come back, they will have a place at their father’s,” said Braunwyn.

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