The ninth episode of season 10 of the Real Housewives of Orange County was a prototypical part two of three vacation episode for the housewives: lots of debauchery mixed with a a bit of drama that sets viewers up for a melodramatic final chapter next week.

Real Housewives Of Orange County Season 10

Real Housewives Of Orange County Season 10

‘Real Housewives Of Orange County’ Review

We start the episode with the ladies boarding a ferry to the beautiful island of Moorea, Tahiti. Vicki Gunvalson gets seasick as she drinks champagne and the cameras follow her to the restroom where we hear hear dry heave for way too long.

Once off the ferry, the ladies arrive at the Sofitel Moorea la Ora Beach Resort, where they are greeted by locals who serve them champagne and offer a welcome dance. Unsurprisingly, all Tamra Judge notices is one of the dancers genital parts. Vicki, the organizer of the trip, comments: “Of course Tamra noticed there were flip-flopping wieners. You’re welcome Tamra. That was a gift from me to you.”

The housewives are escorted to beautiful bungalows on the water. For once, all the ladies seem impressed. As they settle in, recent grandmother Tamra decides to take her top off and dive into the Tahitian waters for an afternoon skinny-dip. She tries to coerce season 10 rookie Meghan King Edmonds to do the same, but fails: “I don’t want people to see me naked. Especially when I haven’t had any cocktails yet,” Meghan explains.

We move to dinner, where the ladies get serious and talk about how Vicki’s boyfriend Brook’s, who is battling stage-three cancer, may stop chemotherapy and try alternative remedies (read: a quick set-up for a major storyline that will unfold in upcoming episodes).

After dinner, Vicki forces recently demoted “friend of the housewives” Lizzie Rovsek to take a pregnancy test. Lizzie, who lacks a storyline this season and likely will get the Andy-Cohen-axe for season 11, had decided not to drink because she was worried she was pregnant.

Once Vicki and the gang prove that Lizzie isn’t pregnant, Vicki reads between the lines: “She just didn’t want to WOOP IT UP!”

The next morning, Meghan starts to explain how she never sees her step-children and makes a comparison to Tamra or Vicki not being able to see their biological children. This lights a fuse in the OC veterans’ eyes. As Meghan begins to cry, Vicki lacks sympathy: “We’re talking about bearing your own child. It is what it is, and there’s nothing to cry about.”

As the day goes on, the ladies continue to drink, swim with sharks, and then break into two groups for dinner.

At dinner, Vicki, Tamra and Shannon do shots, kiss each other on the lips, and drunk dial the other ladies. Meghan comments on the older ladies inebriated state: “Clearly, these older ladies channeled their inner 30-year-old.”

Once the groups meet up at the end of the night, Vicki, Tamra and Shannon hop into the hotel pool in a blackout blur. The episode ends with Tamra screaming, “Does anybody want another drink.”

Overall, this episode was authentic Real Housewives that proves the longer you stay on the show, the better you become at your job. Vicki, the OG of the OC, and Tamra, who is in her eighth season as a housewife, were responsible for the majority of the entertainment: from railing shots at the bar, to skinny dipping, to calling out a 30-year-old on not knowing the difference between a step-mom and a real Mom, these ladies are not-so-classy veterans who have mastered the art of how to be a reality TV star.

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