Last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey saw Teresa and Jacqueline’s reconciliation dinner burst into flames just moments after it began. This week’s episode is a bit uneventful in contrast to last week’s dinner date from hell. The ladies discuss the altercation and try to maintain peace within their group as its ripple effect affects them all.

Melissa is upset that Jacqueline called her husband Joe to drag him into her fight with Teresa. With the Gorgas and Giudices finally in a better place, Melissa is fears that this drama could trickle down to her and Joe and cause the family to fracture yet again. Wanting to lay down some rules regarding her and Joe, Melissa invites Jacqueline to lunch but Wacky Jacky is having none of her shit. Jacqueline repeatedly points a finger in Melissa’s face and reminds her that she did a lot to mend the Giudice and Gorga relationship and that if she wants to call Joe she’s going to call Joe (Jacqueline has no chill).

Later on at the Laurita household, Ashley’s boyfriend Pete comes over for dinner with the family. After some embarrassingly probing questions from Chris and Jacqueline (the worst), Pete pulls Jacqueline aside and tells her his plan to propose to Ashley.  Jacqueline and Pete pick out and engagement ring for Ashley and Jacqueline is elated to see her daughter’s personal growth (she claims to have cried happy tears but who really knows since her botox denies her face any emotional expression). Although Ashley has grown up a lot over the course of her time on The Real Housewives, my favorite Ashley will always be the Ashley that snatched Danielle’s weave from her head: “Love and light. Stay in the positive, bitch!”. Iconic.

The rest of the episode sees my girl Siggy celebrating Kiddush with her family, Tre and her family going indoor skydiving for Milania’s birthday, and the ladies planning a weekend trip to fix things between Teresa and Jacqueline. The preview for next week’s episode shows the friendtervention backfiring as Teresa and Jacqueline square-off again (drag her, Tre) and I personally cannot wait to see it. Tune in Sunday night at 8pm EST for the next episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.


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Housewives Side Notes:


  • Got to cut off her ankle monitor.
  • Gia and Juicy Joe fat-shame Milania.
  • Thinks edamame and enemas are the same thing.


  • Thinks she’s a cool mom – No.


  • Knows how to hustle Frank.
  • Has “two front feet”.


  • Doesn’t know who Andrew Jackson is.
  • Her parents don’t want her family to be “Super Jews”.


  • Thinks rams and bulls live in the forest together.

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