Previously on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Jacqueline and Ashley went to NYC to shop for baby clothes, Siggy took her family to the Holocaust Memorial in Brooklyn, and the Giudice family spent time together before Joe left for prison. On this week’s episode, Dolores hosts a house warming party as well as “Ladies Night” at her gym and Teresa adjusts to being a single mother in the wake of Joe’s absence.

RHONJ S7E15 Recap:”Namast’ay Away From Me”

This week’s episode opens up with Joe and Melissa arriving at Teresa’s house with Chinese food. It’s only been a day since Joe left for prison but Teresa and the girls haven’t heard from him yet. Milania is taking Joe’s absence the hardest and Joe Gorga vows to be there for her and her sisters no matter what (d’aww). Melissa asks Teresa if she is going to go to Dolores’ house warming party. Teresa initially wasn’t going to attend because of Jacqueline, but agrees to go because Dolores has always been a good friend to her

Dolores’ party is upon us and Frankie is there to help set up (what a sweetheart). Dolores does not expect the ladies to break bread and laugh, but she is not worried about Jacqueline having an altercation with Teresa and Melissa. Melissa and Joe arrive and Melissa refers to Kim D, her sentient weave, and Jacqueline as “the troublemaker crew”. Teresa is no longer attending the party because Joe will be calling and she wants to be home with her daughters.

At the party Joe goes over to greet Chris and Jacqueline and is met with a chilly reception. Jacqueline eventually leaves the party to go lay down in her car because she does not feel well (girl bye).  Joe and Chris talk about the fight in Vermont and Chris is surprised that Joe didn’t call him to apologize for Melissa’s behavior. Joe says that he isn’t sure if he and Chris were at the same dinner because it was clear that Wacky Jacky went “buck wild” on Melissa for no reason (true). Chris defends his wife and disagrees that Jacqueline was out of line. Joe invites Chris to the Envy fashion show because the husbands want their wives to fix things. Chris later tells Jacqueline about the invite to which she responds “no freakin’ way”.


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Next Dolores hosts a “Ladies Night” at her gym which is about independence and empowerment for women. At the event, Teresa teaches a yoga class (my namaste queen) and Siggy talks about her book on how to achieve a dream life. At the end of the night, all the ladies received protein shake martinis (cute). Jacqueline tells Dolores she will not be attending because she feels ill. Dolores calls Jacqueline to check up on her because Jacqueline helped Dolores plan this whole event, but Jacqueline does not answer.

The next day Siggy and Dolores are in the car discussing Jacqueline. Apparently Wacky Jacky is back in full force and is talking badly about Dolores because of Dolores’ phone call on “Ladies Night”. Dolores lost her temper and said “f—k you” to Jacqueline and the two ladies have not spoken since. Siggy wants to have the ladies get together and talk, because now Jacqueline is involved in altercations with three of the other housewives.  Next week on the season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Envy holds its first annual fashion show and the ladies, per Siggy’s request, sit down to talk with Jacqueline where all hell breaks loose. Tune in next Sunday at 8pm EST for an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Housewives Side Notes:


  • Still lacks confidence but is getting closer to being her strong self again.
  • Her husband Frank didn’t believe she would be able to do the renovations on her own.
  • Her renovations are symbolic to her starting her life again.
  • Wears mink lashes.
  • If the ladies break her granite “it’s going down”.


  • Feels guilty that her mother is very selfless.
  • Is honored to meet Dolores’ 102 year old grandmother.
  • Joshua came out of her “cookie”.
  • Wants her mother to get her hair done weekly to know how fabulous of a human being she is.


  • Misses Joe a lot and it has only been a day.
  • Milania says she’ll have grey hair by the time Joe comes home.
  • Milania is taking on Joe’s responsibilities to make him proud while he is gone.
  • Makes egg “sangwiches” for the girls.
  • Is over Jacqueline.


  • Is anxious about Envy’s fashion show.
  • Has nothing to say to Jacqueline.
  • Shaves Joe’s back.


  • Has no voice this episode. – Truly a blessing.
  • Wore a “Namast’ay Away from Me” shirt to Dolores’ party.
  • Didn’t go to Dolores’ event because her name wasn’t on the flier.
  • Says Dolores tried to make her look bad by calling her, so now she’ll do the same.


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