Previously on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the ladies dealt with the ramifications of Hurricane Vermont. Dolores and Jacqueline attended the annual Posche fashion show where Kim D and her tangled mess of extensions gossiped about the Giudices’ marriage. Later the ladies, sans Teresa and Melissa, attended Jacqueline and Chris’ event for “Little Kernel” where it was revealed that Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley is expecting a child. This week the Giudice and Gorga family say goodbye to Joe as he starts his 41-month prison sentence.

RHONJ S7E14 Recap: “The Importance of Family”

This week’s episode opens with the Giudice family at a bakery where the girls are making their own cupcakes. Teresa and the girls are focusing on making memories with Joe that he can bring to prison with him. The Giudice family shares a night of laughter and love despite the difficult times that lie ahead.

Next Jacqueline and Ashley take a trip to NYC to look at baby clothes. According to Ashley, Teresa never reached out to her, but Melissa sent her a text to congratulate her on her pregnancy. Jacqueline gets emotional with Ashley when she thinks about how fast time has gone by and how their relationship has grown (I personally miss weave-snatching, back-talking Ashley, but that’s just me).

Later, Siggy takes her whole family to the Holocaust Memorial in Brooklyn in hopes to bring her family closer together. Siggy’s father tells of how he and his family survived the Holocaust by fleeing their home in Belgium and eventually becoming refugees in Switzerland.  After hearing the story, Joshua acknowledges that he is a nurtured “jappy kid” and that he would like to experience life where things aren’t just given to him (yeah sure Joshy).


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Teresa and Joe spend their last day together reminiscing about their past, which includes a clip from Teresa’s “sweet sixteen” starring a mustached and mulleted young Juicy Joe. The two share an emotional moment as Teresa climbs onto Joe’s lap where they hold one another. Judgment day for Joe arrives as camera crews and paparazzi surround the Giudice house. Teresa and Joe hold hands as they enter the black SUV that will drive Joe to prison. The episode ends with Teresa and her daughters cuddling together in bed and saying prayers for Joe. The preview for next week’s episode shows Dolores’ party, Chris and Joe talking about the Vermont fight, and the Envy fashion show (*yawn*). Tune in next Sunday at 8pm EST for an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Housewives Side Notes:


  • Is the rock of her family.
  • Wants to make sure Joe’s absence doesn’t traumatize their daughters.
  • Wants Joe to celebrate all the holidays in prison including “Ramadundun”.


  • Ashley wants to have a natural birth.
  • Says Ashley’s “vagina is going to get ripped open, all the way to her a–hole”. –Classy.
  • Cried when she saw the footage of Joe and Teresa hugging.
  • Would be there for Tre if she ever called or needed her.


  • Every day Envy is losing money.
  • Her kids are still animals.
  • Gino says he will hit Antonia’s future boyfriend “with an axe until he dies” if he is ever mean to her. –REDFLAG.
  • Is happy that Teresa opens up to her now.


  • Says you have to be an “empty shell of a person” for Joe’s situation to not affect you.
  • Has had every part of her body worked on.
  • Gets more attention from her dog than her children.
  • Sophie thinks she is marrying Jason Derulo. –Same.


  • Thinks all the women are nice in small doses.
  • Needs time away from the other women to recharge from time to time.
  • Where is Frankie? ? ?

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