Previously on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the ladies arrived in Vermont for their weekend getaway. Following some tension on the bus, a fight erupted between Jacqueline and Teresa’s friend Robyn, where Jacqueline sat on Robyn’s lap after she told Jacqueline she wanted to “rage on her ass.” After the altercation Jacqueline told Siggy and Dolores that she was going to leave Vermont early to which they protested. Wanting Jacqueline to stay, Dolores and Siggy said that they were going to ask Robyn to leave instead. This week’s episode sees the conclusion of the Vermont trip as well as another appearance by Wacky Jacky in an epic showdown against Melissa and Teresa.

RHONJ S7E12 Recap: “The Other C-Word”

The episode opens with Teresa and Co. coming back from a day on the slopes. While Joe and Melissa are relaxing before dinner, Dolores and Siggy arrive at their villa to discuss their conversation with Jacqueline. The ladies tell Joe and Melissa that Jacqueline wants to leave, but that they believe Robyn should leave instead.

After the conversation with Dolores and Siggy, Melissa heads to Teresa’s villa to fill her in on the situation. Teresa doesn’t believe that Jacqueline actually feels threatened and thinks that she is just playing the victim. Despite Teresa’s wishes, Robyn and Christina volunteer to leave the resort in order to help diffuse the situation (Newsflash: Situation is NOT diffused).

The group arrives at the Matterhorn for dinner and the tension is palpable. Within moments of sitting down, Teresa and Jacqueline begin to discuss Robyn and Christina’s absence and the drama that transpired the night before. As Jacqueline begins to explain her side of the story, Teresa calls her manipulative and calculated which strikes a nerve. Teresa accuses Jacqueline of fighting with Robyn after trying (and failing) to turn Robyn into one of “Jacqueline’s Soldiers”. This comment from Teresa causes Jacqueline to devolve once again into Wacky Jacky who then brings up the “fallen soldiers” of Teresa’s past.


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Jacqueline asks Melissa a question about stripper gate, where Teresa was accused of telling people that Melissa used to be a stripper. Wanting to stay out of the drama, Melissa is hesitant to answer Wacky Jacky which infuriates her. WJ starts pointing her finger in Melissa’s face and calling her a fake phony bitch. Since Melissa won’t answer her question, Wacky Jacky moves on to ask Joe and touches his face to get his attention (*gasp*). Teresa insinuates that it was actually Jacqueline who started stripper gate (what) and Wacky Jacky explodes, calling Teresa a twisted bitch and the c-word (criminal), before leaving the restaurant.

After the disastrous dinner, Dolores and Siggy go to check on Jacqueline. Jacqueline says she now has clarity regarding Teresa and Melissa and that she is leaving in the morning with her husband.  Siggy and Dolores are also drained from the drama and decide to leave in the morning as well, leaving Teresa and Melissa alone. With everyone else having left, the sister-in-laws bond on their last day in Vermont together. Tre and Melissa are happy that they are able to put the past behind them and vow to be there for each other during Joe’s prison sentence and the tough times ahead. Despite the debacle that was the Vermont trip, the episode ends on a touching note as Teresa and Melissa’s relationship grows. Next week’s episode sees the ladies dealing with the various ripple effects of Wacky Jacky’s meltdown and Kim D’s infamous Posche fashion show. Tune in next Sunday at 8pm EST for an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Housewives Side Notes:


  • Thinks Jacqueline is toxic.
  • Refers to Jacqueline as a “something”, an “it”, and “deformed”.
  • Joe had a “big hard-on” until Teresa started talking about Jacqueline.
  • Milania can’t imagine Joe skinny and thinks he’s fatter than pregnant women. – Same.


  • Thinks Jacqueline is obsessed with Teresa and is a stalker.
  • Thinks Jacqueline is mad that she and Teresa have mended their relationship.
  • Joe Gorga believes Jacqueline wants to bury Teresa.
  • Got four nose jobs – ALLEGEDLY.


  • Was visited by Aunt Flo and cousin Dot this episode.
  • Thinks Teresa is a psychopath and a narcissistic sociopath.
  • Meant to call Teresa a con-artist and “41 counts of phony” instead of a criminal.


  • Feels like someone stuck her in a sewer this episode.
  • Is in menopause and got a hot flash from thinking about Vermont.
  • Wishes she were a plumber instead of a relationship expert this episode.
  • Was relieved to not spend the day with Melissa and Teresa in Vermont.


  • Fell asleep on the ride to dinner.
  • Ordered Buffalo wings in the middle of a fight.
  • Says Teresa was dressed like Milania and Melissa was dressed like she was going to Studio 54. –I love Shady Dolores.

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