Last week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa and Joe prepared for Joe’s upcoming prison sentence, Melissa sought out marital advice from Siggy, and Kathy and Rosie crashed Teresa’s book signing in hopes of reconnecting with their cousin. This week the ladies focus mainly on mending the relationship between Teresa and Kathy and Rosie, culminating in the estranged cousins sitting down for lunch.

RHONJ S7 E10 Recap: “Cut the Cancer Out”

The episode opens with Siggy, Jacqueline and Rosie out for drinks, discussing Teresa’s chilly reception of Kathy and Rosie at the book signing. Rosie is very passionate about fixing things with Teresa and says she is tired of all the fighting. Siggy vows to facilitate a meeting between Rosie, Kathy and Teresa and believes that the family will eventually mend their tattered relationship.

Later Ashley Laurita and her boyfriend Pete head to Hoboken to look at apartments together. This is all a ruse, however, as Pete gets down one on knee and asks Ashley for her hand in marriage to which she happily accepts. (If my imaginary boyfriend ever proposes to me on a reality TV show I’m saying no).  The newly engaged couple reveals the news to Jacqueline and ugly crying faces ensue.

Next Siggy arrives at Melissa’s house to pick up her jeans from Envy (shameless plug). The ladies wait for Teresa to arrive and discuss taking a weekend trip to Vermont. They want Teresa to have one more weekend before she takes the role of a single parent for the next few years. With some help from a party bus, Melissa and Siggy are able to convince Tre of the Vermont trip.


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*Cut to Jacqueline attempting to hide a quarter-pounder with cheese from Dolores at the gym (literally me).*

Later on Teresa meets up with Jacqueline and Siggy for lunch. The ladies want to discuss Teresa’s relationship with Kathy and Rosie which hits a nerve with Teresa. Teresa believes that if Kathy and Rosie wanted a relationship with her then they should have never talked badly about her or her situation. After the lunch, Siggy, Jacqueline, Melissa and Joe Gorga head to Kathy’s house for dinner where Teresa quickly becomes the topic of discussion. Tensions boil over in the group leading Joe to agree to get Teresa to sit down and talk with Kathy and Rosie.

The highly anticipated lunch date has finally arrived with Teresa and Joe sitting down with Kathy and Rosie. Kathy and Rosie tell Teresa that they just want to move forward and be a family again, but Teresa says she is ready to “cut the cancer out” (oh dang). Teresa believes that Kathy and Rosie are only interested in mending the relationship because Teresa is back in the public eye again (hmm not sure I believe that). Despite their pleas, Teresa is unwavering in her decision to cut her cousins out of her life and leaves with Joe. Teresa’s tough exterior begins to crack as she cries in Joe’s car stating that she’s exhausted from all the drama. Next episode the ladies head to Vermont where their weekend getaway quickly turns into a weekend from hell. Be sure to tune in next Sunday at 8pm EST for an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Housewives Side Notes:


  • Even after her sentencing, didn’t believe she would actually go to prison.
  • Joe can’t sleep unless he gets drunk.
  • Thinks Kathy’s husband Richie is a negative person.


  • Joe lost his botox virginity.
  • Thinks Joe will be “fire” now with no wrinkles.
  • Is building mutual trust with Teresa every day.


  • Can’t get pregnant be she is “cut, tied, & burnt”.
  • Worried she will bruise her chuckie if she sits on an exercise bike.
  • Is supposedly good on her knees. – Yikes.


  • Wants to kill herself now that Joshua has his license.
  • Thinks Teresa always looks exhausted.
  • Prefers sunshine and piña coladas.


  • Has to work more incase Frank cuts her off financially.
  • Doesn’t believe Jacqueline is good on her knees.
  • Another episode without Frankie. –Pissed.

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