The ninth installment of the Real Housewives franchise, The Real Housewives of Dallas, began its second season on Monday night. Find below a recap of the show’s main cast and last night’s season premiere.

This season began with the on-going feud between Stephanie Hollman and Brandi Redmond. Formally best friends, Stephanie and Brandi haven’t spoken in months at the start of the season. The feud began when Stephanie wrote a blog post towards the end of the first season, describing Brandi’s marriage as a slow-moving car crash.

Since that time, Stephanie has become close with Cary Deuber while Brandi has become close with LeeAnne Locken.

In the premiere, the group of housewives heads to Brandi’s husband Mark’s birthday party. Before the party, Stephanie texts Brandi to warn her of LeeAnne’s and Cary’s bad intentions. Throwing both of them under the bus, Stephanie does not get a text back from Brandi and instead makes every effort to talk to her former best friend at the party. Brandi can’t bring herself to talk with Stephanie and runs from her husband’s party crying.

Speaking of LeeAnne, Brandi’s new best friend is sticking up for her despite a 2008 police report that claims that LeeAnne attempted to kill a man using a knife and sandpaper in some unholy combination. Adding to this violent perception, LeeAnne was at the center of several large squabbles last season – she’s also seen in the season two trailer throwing a glass onto the ground in anger. During the season break, LeeAnne began going to therapy and anger management sessions which she can hopefully put to the test during this new season.

Season two of The Real Housewives of Dallas has added two new cast members, Kameron Wescott and D’Andra Simmons.

Kameron is originally from California but moved to Texas after marrying into one of Dallas’ most prominent families. After being described as a real life Elle Woods, Kameron shares her desire to start a dog food line – the kicker is, she wants all the food to be pink. It is unclear if she knows if dogs are color blind.

Kameron is close friends with D’Andra Simmons, the show’s other new cast member. We learn in the premiere that D’Andra has become close with LeeAnne during the show’s break. D’Andra’s dream is to inherit her mother’s company, Ultimate Living, a nutritional supplements business. Unfortunately for her, her mother has yet to hand over the keys after promising to do so over ten years ago.

With all the new characters introduced and the old ones reintroduced, The Real Housewives of Dallas season two is shaping up to be one filled with Texas-sized drama.

Watch the season two trailer below.

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs on Bravo on Mondays at 10 p.m. EST.

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