R&B singer Jaheim has been arrested for allegedly abusing animals after 15 dogs were found in poor condition in his home, according to New Jersey police.

The police discovered the animals on Monday while answering a call about a distressed puppy. When they arrived they found six dogs in the driveway being kept in dirty crates, one of which was unresponsive and was later euthanized.

Jaheim was placed under arrest outside his New Jersey home. Officers went on to investigate the inside of the estate to find nine more dogs in similar conditions.

The dogs were kept in crates that were “partially filled with several inches of water and dog feces,” prosecutors said in a news release.

The police said that the dogs had no access to food or water.

Two of the dogs were taken for treatment at a veterinarian clinic, while the rest were sent to a kennel.

Jaheim has been charged with third-degree animal cruelty and failure to provide necessary care to an animal.

His court date is currently pending, and it is unknown if he has found an attorney to represent him.

Twelve of the dogs were mixed-breed pit bull terriers, two of them were American Staffordshire terriers and one was a mixed-breed boxer.

Jaheim debuted in 2001 with his album Ghetto Love and has gone on to release six additional albums, and be nominated for three Grammys.

He has not released a statement about the charges.

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